A simple feeder for those birds that cling, nuthatches and chickadee's are among them, can be made using old bagels.
An old bagel, some raffia , string or ribbon, something to hang it up with, about 24 inches long, some bird seed and suet mixture are all that is required.
Fold the raffia or string etc. in half and knot the two ends together. Feed it through the hole in the balel and push one end through the loop as shown above.
Many birders have their own suet mix recipe which can be used here. Make your recipe and pour into a container.
While still hot, dip the bagel in the mixture.
Turn it over and dip the other side in.
Spread some bird on over the bagel.
Spread a little bird seed on a saucer and dip the other side into it. A little more can be added to the bagel while in the saucer.
The bagel can be dipped in the suet again and pushed into the seed on the saucer to add a little to outside edge.
Hang it in a spot where you can observe the birds.
This Anna's hummingbird is caught on camera trying this new feeder out.