A Bee Nesting Block

A group of nesting sites for Blue Orchard Mason bees is easy to make with a little woodworking knowledge and the basic tools. Secure the unit to a shed, fence, tree or anything suitable, near the flowers.
The main materials are the roof and the bamboo pieces. The roof is 2 pieces of 3" x 1" timber, one 7" long and the other 6 1/2". The bamboos are cut to the width of the wood. We found it easier to use a hack saw for cutting the bamboos. A 10 inch piece of 2" x 1" is used for the base and nesting holes. Wood glue, a small corner bracket for hanging, 4 nails and 4 screws complete the materials required.
Nail the longest roof section to the other piece as shown.
Turn the roof upside down and prop it up against a support. As the bamboos are cut they can be layed in place, giving you the number required. Fill about half of the frame.
Glue each one, coating the top and pushing them into the roof frame.
Use the short piece of 2 " x 1 " for the base and for blue bee nesting holes. Laying it on edge on a bench, place the bamboo section over it. Making sure the glue has dried.
Mark the two angles and cut the surplus off. Hold the wood in a vice if cutting the angles with a hand saw.
When the angles have been cut, glue and nail it tight up against the bamboos from the inside as shown.
To mark where the holes in the base are to go, hold a rule down the middle of the wood and make a mark about every 3/4".
A 1/8" drill bit for guide holes can make it easier to drill the 5/16" holes, required for the blue bees. Don't drill all the way through the wood.
After the pilot holes have been drilled, the 5/16" larger holes can be drilled. Again, don't drill all the way through.
A small angle bracket can be screwed onto the roof and it is ready for hanging.