A Simple Hanging Bell Feeder.

This simple seed bell will bring a lot of pleasure to the birds.
Not many materials are required for this project. One of the disposable cups that are used for parties and picnics, a length of cord and the lid of a small container. These containers usually have cherries or peel in them in the grocery stores.

The ingredients used are: ½ cup flour, 2 tsp gelatine, ½ cup hot water, 2 or 3 cups of wild birdseed. Other nuts and pieces of chopped up fruit can be added.

Drill a hole or push a small screwdriver through the base of the cup and in the centre.
The hanging cord is pushed through this hole. Place the middle of the cord over the hole on the inside of the cup and push it through with the screwdriver as shown.
Tie a knot in the cord to keep it from slipping back into the cup. This will also act as a loop for hanging it.
For the small container, only the lid is used. Drill or poke a hole through the centre again.
Feed the other ends of the cord through the hole from the top of the lid. The hole can be enlarged to make it easier to push the cords through.
Tie the two ends together as near to the end as possible. Any extra cord can be cut off.
If the small container is not available, a circle can be cut out of any container, ice cream carton, margarine container lid etc.
Cut a template out of a piece of cardboard by drawing around the cup. Use this template to cut the base of the bell out of the plastic lid or what ever you have available.
Duplicate the procedure shown for the lid, drill the hole and push the cords though and knot it.
Mix the flour, gelatine and the water together into a paste. Slowly add the birdseed, mixing it well.
Spoon the birdseed mixture into the cup, keeping the cord in the middle of the mixture middle as shown. Press down firmly around the twine. Fill to the top of the cup.
Pull up on the top cord to close the container. Place cup in a dry place and allow to dry out.
Cut away the cup and the finished bell ready to hang.