Easy Loader

There are many suet feeders available at the stores in an assortment of designs. Many are also hand made by bird lovers. One of the popular handmade ones is the simple log with a few holes drilled in it.
For our tip these holes need to be drilled with a ¾ inch drill bit and an inch deep. These are great for the woodpecker, nuthatch and chickadee species that can cling to the wood. By adding a small dowel this enables other birds to feed.
Here is a simple way to fill these holes quickly, and also, keeping your hands clean in the process. Pour your suet mix into a shallow dish, the depth of the holes drilled in the log if available.
Apple corers are available at many stores and relatively cheap.
When your mix is solid, a fridge speeds up this process, use the corer to make small plugs.
The second plug will push out the first. When you have gone over the mix, you can re melt what remains and make a few more by doubling up the plugs size, using two of these shorter ones.
Put the plugs into a tray and they are then ready to push into the holes in the log.
A variety of birds quickly find this new food source. Here we have a pileated woodpecker tasting the food, although she didn't perch on our special little one.
This was more or less what was expected, a chestnut backed chickadee.