A simple and cheap hummingbird feeder can be made with just a few items that would probably be thrown away. The first image here shows a spray can lid, red would be the best if available, but others could be used. This was one from a can of Pam cooking spray. Others can be found on shaving cream foam and paint spray cans.
One of these plastic flower inserts for replacing broken ones in hummingbird feeders can be bought at many bird shops.
We used a shaving foam spray lid here. Drill a hole big enough for the plastic flower to be pushed in, a tight fit is required. The shape of the underside of these flowers is made to grip the sides of the hole, so push the lid firmly down from the inside to make sure the flower sits snugly.
A small preserve jar, one that would probably be recycled or thrown away, will be the reservoir for the sugar and water mix. One that the lid fits tightly would be prefect.
To hold the jar in place, in a planter or flower box, a holder could be added. This can be a simple flat stirring stick if the top is a tight fit. Two strips of electricians tape can be used, or other tape if available.
Fill the jar with the sugar and water mixture, and put the lid on. For this demonstration we just stood it on the edge of a planter with the stick down the inside.
You can push it into a planter or a pot near some flowers that the hummingbirds visit.
This Anna's hummingbird is caught on camera trying this new feeder out.