The Birds Nestbox Week

To celebrate spring, and the birds that welcome it, Dereila's Nature Inn is having an annual event, ‘Birds Nestbox Week’. We are encouraging people to put up a nest box or two. If people have them already, we hope that they add another. Bird house is another name for a nest box. Many birds do not use man made boxes but those birds that use a cavity for nesting may be encouraged to use them. We chose the first day of April to start the Bird Nestbox Week. This will allow time to make a box or purchase a readymade one for when the main nesting time arrives.

Chickadees, Nuthatches and Wrens will all use nest boxes.

We have a few nest box ideas with a few details of how they are made. You can see these pages by clicking the nestboxes at either side.

We would be interested in hearing from you if you have had success in the past and if you have any tips to pass on. Perhaps send us a photograph of your nestbox.

Some birds are attracted to the rough bark of a tree that may resemble its natural habitat. If pieces of bark are available in your area you could add a piece or two to the nestbox.
Those brightly colored bird houses, although very attractive, may attract unwanted predators. In the wild the nests are usually well hidden. Rustic bird houses will therefore blend into the background a little easier. These types of bird houses are easily constructed and use a few basic hand tools. A walk in the woods can usually provide the building materials, add a few nails and you are all set to go.
To help the birds that use your boxes, put some nest material in a suet cage. We have some ideas on this subject in the Inn also, clicking the image will take you to the page.
Put them near to the nest boxes, the birds soon locate this supply of nest materials.
The next time you are down near those rushes that the redwing enjoys, bring a couple of those seed heads home with you. Many birds pick up the fluffy seeds for their nests.