Birds Nestbox Month

April 2017

Join us in this adventure and add a nestbox or two to your garden.

The Bewicks Wren may build a nest in one of the sites you offer. It may even build many nests in you area, but they may not use them. The male builds several nests and then the female decides which one they will use.
The le side.
Chickadees are cavity nesters and will use man made boxes.
The working plans for this next box can be located by clicking here.
Nesting material holders are very useful for the birds and easy to construct.
Chickadees, wrens, hummingbirds, siskins and many other will come to collect from them
The Hummingbirds.
You can't make the hummingbirds use nest boxes but you can help them with the materials.
A twig or two covered in lichens and hung near the hummingbird feeders could help them.
The hummingbirds can rest on these lichen covered branches.
They will also have easy access to the feeder and the lichens at nesting time.
We have the plans for two easy nest material holders shown here. They both proved very successful.
This meterial holder has the instructions on how to construct it: HERE.
Another holder can be made from the instructions HERE
All the photographs are by the Nature Inn staff except where noted.