Birds Nest Box Week

April 2014

We celebrate our second Nest box Festival on the 1st of April 2014. Join us in this adventure and put up a nest box or two in your garden.

The woodpeckers as we know, build their nests in the trees, but they can be attracted to a nest box. If you have a woodpecker box, perhaps you could send us a photograph of it.
A good indication that the Downy will nest nearby is when you see the male and female together at your feeder.
When installing a downy nest box, if possible fill it with wood chips as the downy likes to excavate its nest.
Perhaps you can't get all the woodpeckers to co operate as this Gilded Flicker looks quite content in this cactus.
You have an idea which birds are nesting in your area when they come to feed the juveniles at your feeding station.
Another indication, is when the juveniles arrive by themselves.   Here we have a happy youngster who has just received a little treat.
Sometimes, the birds you are expecting at your nest box don't arrive and others take over. The swallows on the left, were using a bluebird box. This image was sent to us by Claudia Gregoire of Glenville, NY. The bluebirds looked to be moving in to Donna's nest box just two days after it was put up. Donna Sharman in Virginia, sent us this interesting picture.

We have added two more nest boxes to the Nature Inn site that you can build. You can check out the one on the left by clicking here.

For the other nest box on the right, click here.

This White Throated Nuthatch is gathering a little nest material.
Donna Sharman also sent us this picture welcoming the birds home.
We would like to advise you not to use nest boxes which are incorporated in a bird feeding seed table. The nesting birds may come into conflict with birds feeding, they may decide to nest elsewhere.
All the photographs are by the Nature Inn staff except where noted.