Cornus canadensis
A perennial low trailing plant 5 to 25 cm tall.
.The leaves are short stalked forming a terminal
whorl of 4-7 .The flowers are small and greenish
white. Surrounded by 4 white bracts.Moist forests and
forest openings, often growing on tree trunks and logs.


Skunk Cabbage
Lysichiton americanum
Strong perennial plant of swamps. Grows to 150cm
tall. Leaves are very large from a basal rosette. Flowers
are greenish yellow on a spike with a bright yellow
hood type bract. Swamps, wet forests and seepage
areas, wet meadows

Vanilla Leaf
Achlys triphylla
Perennial. Spreading widely by slender rhizomes.
Sends up single leaves along the rhizomes. Leaves
are 10 to 30cm, all basal. Flowers, white, small, lacking
sepals and petals. Usually found in shady forests.
  Hookers Onion
Allium acuminatum
Perennial plant about 30cm high. Basal leaves dying
off before the flower appears. Flowers are rose pink
and the tepals turn backwards at the tip.
Found in open rocky sites.




Few Flowered Shooting Star
Dodecatheon pulchellum
Perennial plant with leafless stems. Leaves are
oblong to lance shaped to 20cm long. Flowers,
magenta color with 5 petals swept backward with
a yellow collar.Moist meadows and streambanks
and sea level to high elevations.


Red Columbine
Aquilegia formosa
Perennial herb with erect stems to 1m tall. Leaves
twice divided in three’s. Flowers are red and
yellow with 5 straight reddish spurs.
Moist meadows and roadsides




Buck Bean
Menyanthes trifoliata
Perennial. Aquatic to semi aquatic plant.
Leaves, alternate, crowded near base of flowering stem.
Flowers are white usually tinged with pink.
Surface of petals have long hairs.
Bogs and fens, marshes and ponds.


Yellow Rattle
Rhinanthus minor
Annual.  Stems leafy and erect, few branched 10 to
80cm tall.  Stalkless leaves lance shaped 2-7cm long.
Flowers, yellow 9-14mm, 2 lipped with upper lip
hooded, lower lip is 3 lobed. Meadows, grassy
sites and beaches.




Medicago sativa
Perennial. Stems to 50cm long. Introduced
Eurasian weed. Leaves are compound, three
foliate, leaflets.  Flowers are purple, 6-10mm similar
to Black Medic but larger. Disturbed sites,
cultivated fields are typical habitats.


Harvest Brodiaea
Brodiaea coronaria
Perennial to 30cm high. Leaves are grass like
dying off before the flower appears. Flowers are
violet blue in loose clusters on single stem.
Open gravel sites and coastal rocky areas.




Fools Onion
Brodiaea hyacinthina
Perennial to 70cm tall. Leaves are grass like
and are present when in flower. Flowers are mostly
white with a greenish vein and bell shaped in clusters.
Open grassy areas at low elevations to
mountain meadows.


False Solomons Seal
Smilacina racemosa
Perennial plant to 1m tall. Often in clumps.
 Leaves are broad, elliptical, 7-20cm long alternating
along stem.White flowers and red fruits, sometimes
dotted with purple. Moist forests, streambanks,
meadows, subalpine.




Ox-eye Daisy
Chrysanthemum leucanthemum
Perennial single or branched to 80cm high. Leaves
are stalked at the ground becoming stalkless
upwards. Flowers. The ray flowers are white, 
and the disc yellow.Fields, meadows and roadsides.


Common Mullein
Verbascum thapsus
Biennial plant from thick taproot. . Leaves are broadly
lance shaped around the base and smaller up the stem.
Flowers are yellow and cluster around the stem and
appear stalkless. Very common along roadsides
and dry open areas at low levels.


Western Trillium
Trillium ovatum
Perennial plant. To 45cm tall. 3 to 5
triangular-oval leaves to 18cm long.Showy
white flowers turning purple with age. Moist
to wet woodlands, streambanks in mainly
shaded areas.


American Brooklime
Veronica americana
Perennial. Succulent stems trailing, erect or
ascending. Leaves, 3-5 pairs on flowering
stems, lance shaped. Blue, violet, lilac flowers
in long clusters along the stem. Wet ground or
in shallow water.


Yellow Violet
Viola glabella
Perennial to 50cm tall. Leaves are heart
shaped, sharply pointed at the tip to 5cm
across. Yellow flowers, 3 lower petals with
purple lines. Lowest petal separated Moist
forests, glades and streambanks.


Pink Pusseytoes
Antennaria macrophylla/rosea
Perennial. Mat forming, leafy stems, 5-40cm. tall.
Basal leaves spoon or broadly lance shaped.
Flower heads reddish pink to white, disc flowers only.
Dry grassy slopes, meadows, clearings to subalpine areas.


Pink Fawn Lily
Erythronium revolutum
Perennial herb to 35cm tall. Leaves basal, broadly
lance shaped to 30cm.  Flowers rose pink and bent
back, single nodding and terminal. Open to
moderately dense moist woods and meadows
and riversides.


Queens Cup
Clintonia uniflora
Perennial from creeping rhizomes to 15cm tall.
Leaves, 2 or 3 are shiny and slightly fleshy. 15
to 25cm long. Flowers are large, white, and
usually one on a solitary stalk. Moist forests
open clearings.


Common Toadflax
Linaria vulgaris
Perennial. Erect stem often branching 20-80cm
tall. Alternate leaves stalkless, smooth margined
and numerous. Flowers, yellow with a central
bearded orange patch, snapdragon style.Fields,
roadsides, wasteland and gardens.


Yellow Monkey Flower
Mimulus guttatus
Annual/perennial with numerous methods
of propagation from roots or creeping stolons,
rhizomes or stem nodes. Leaves, oval,
coarsely toothed. Flowers, 2 lipped,
trumpet shaped. Usually found in wet places.


Naked Broomrape
Orobanche uniflora
A very small annual parasitic plant to 10cm tall.
The leaves are scale like and lance shaped
and only 1 cm long. Flowers of this plant are
mainly purple with yellow centers, 1 to 3 to a
plant. Moist open areas, rocky places where
stone crops are present.


Sierra Sanicle
Sanicula graveolens
Perennial plant with solitary erect stems, 50cm
tall. Leaves are alternate the lower leaves on
long stalks and divided into three’s. Flowers
are yellow and small in round clusters on a
short stalk. Dry open forests, rocky slopes.





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