An Easy Nesting Material Holder Feeder.

Hanging holder for nesting material.
A simple holder to help the birds during their search for nesting material can be made with the simplest materials. A piece of chicken wire, nine inches by 12 inches, is big enough.
Two pieces of 6" x 1" board , one nine inches long and one 4 and 1/2" long.
The smaller piece can have the corners cut off as shown. It can be cut where the line is marked, to make two halves, 6" x 2 1/4".
These two halves can be nailed to each end of the 10" piece, with 2" nails.
The wire is then fastened to the angled pieces, small staples can be used. Try to keep the whole length of the netting the same shape of the wood.
Small nails could be used if staples are not available. Drive them in a short way and bend them over the wire as shown.
Continue to staple the netting down each side, remembering to keep the correct shape.
When both sides have been secured, the excess wire can be cut off.
A narrow lath can be nailed down each side to cover the wire if required.
Two holes can be drilled through the back for hanging. Drill the holes in the centre and two inches down. Two 2" screws can be used to secure it to a tree, a post or fencing.
Showing the two holes for hanging.
A protective roof can be nailed to the top. Any material available, a piece of bark is what we have used. Make the top a couple of inches longer than the width of the holder. Keep it flush at the back and an inch or more overhanging the front. Two nails through it into the back upright will secure it in place.
Stuff the hanger with nesting material by pushing it through the wire netting. The groomings of dogs and a visit to the hairdresser can be used. Keep the hanging holes clear till it is hung up. Hang on a post or tree near where the birds feed if possible.
For extra perching, a small twig can be stapled or tacked to the top and bottom or from the sides if required. Then its just waiting for the birds to find this handy nesting material.