Woodland Tips,

The Mirror.

For many small objects, seeing the underside is sometimes rather difficult. Mushrooms are more readily identified by their underside.
On this small mushroom the underside is very hard to study or photograph. Many people would pick it, but this is just an idea that can be used on other subjects, so we will leave it where it is for this demonstration.
Using a mirror can solve a couple of problems. One to see the underside, and one to take a photograph of it. Place the mirror so that you see a great reflection.
Go in as close as possible with camera and frame the mirror and take the image.
By cropping the photograph, you can get a reasonable photograph without disturbing the fungi. This image was made this way from the mirror shot.
One reminder when using the mirror, especially if it has been raining.
Make sure that the mirror is dry and clean.
Otherwise you will get a poor finished image and you may not be able to retake the subject if you are no longer in the field.