Nest Box Week,

Number Three.

Show finished product. The materials required are an 8 inch board. We used a cedar fencing board. A hanging strip of wood 12" x 3" x 1/2", a bottom piece 13' x ? and two pieces for the roof, 10 x 6?. pieces of bark or driftwood could be used. A few 2" nails, 4 screws 1 and 1/2 inches. Tools include a saw, table saw or radial arm saw or other electric saw. A drill and 1 and 1/4' bit. A hammer and screw driver and if available a large square, a square piece of cardboard would do this job. Other materials will be discussed later.
A template can be made to mark the two apex pieces. These are 14 inches long and 7 inches high. Use a square and mark the top from the centre of the base line. Hold the square on the two base points with the centre of the square on the centre line as shown and draw the angle lines. Mark the angles and cut this template out.
Use the pattern to cut the back and the front out as shown above. Use the off cut on the left as a pattern to cut a second piece, the fourth on the right. These can be used for a second, smaller nest box. The fifth piece shown on the right is waste.
You will now have four pieces for two nest boxes. Follow these instructions to make the second nest box if required.
fancy pieces added. perches etc.
For hanging the nest box,