A Jam and Berry Feeder

This feeder is fairly easy to make. Boards used for fencing, such as cedar boards, make these projects a little easier. They are usually available in 4 to 6 feet lengths and 6 inches in width. A saw, drill or sabre saw, a screwdriver and a hammer are the tools needed.
Cut two pieces of the 6 inch board for the the base and the roof, each 12 inches long. You can trim off the corners to improve the appearance. Cut an upright piece, 5 inches long. Other materials include a 2 feet long piece of wire or cord for hanging, 2 inch nails and 1" or 1 1/2" nails and three 1 inch screws.
One other small piece of wood is needed, a piece 3 inches wide and shorter than the base, this could be any piece of scrap wood.
A hole is cut through the base board at each end, 2 and 1/2 inches works very well. Cut it in the centre and 1 inch from the end. If a drill bit is not available, a jig saw could be used.
The base board should look like this. Drill a hole in the middle for a 1 and 1/2 inch screw to fasten it to the upright piece.
Drill a small hole in the top and centre of the upright piece for a screw to attach the bottom. A nail tapped in and then removed works well. A pencil mark from opposite corners will give you the centre.
Screw the base to the upright and also drive a nail in the side to prevent it from swivelling.
On the underside of the bottom, cover the holes with the 3 inch wide lathe and attach with small nails or scews.
The holes will look like this. These will contain any food that you wish to use, seed, berries, jam etc..
If a piece of bark, suitable for the roof, is available it makes a more natural looking feeder. If not, a piece of 1 x 6 cedar cut the same as the piece cut for the bottom can be used.
Screw a small screw into each end on the underside. It should be in the centre, and a short distance from each end of the wood. These are used for hanging up the feeder. Fastened at each end the feeder will be better balanced.
Nail the top roof in place. An additional closed ring can be screwed in if preferred for hanging.
The feeder should look something like this
Secure the wire to the two screws on the roof. The length of the wire depends on the height you want the feeder hung at.
We put peanuts in one of the cup feeders and black oil sunflower seeds in the other. Grape Jelly jam can be used also.
It was soon a very busy place.