An Easy Water Dish from a Frying Pan.

An old frying pan makes a good water dish for the birds. Even small frying pans can be used. Birds will bathe in them and drink from it.
Any frying pan will work, just unscrew the handle.
A small angled bracket can be used to replace the handle. The original screw may be too long, a couple of washers will take care of that.
Screw the backet onto the pan where the handle was attached.
The pan can be stood onto an old tree stump or a wooden railing. It can be held in place by a screw through the angle bracket.
A planter can also be used. The bracket will not be needed for this method. Add some soil or stones to the planter to weigh it down and prevent it from tippping.
It can also just stand on a smaller planter or many other items.
Various sizes of frying pans will provide places for the birds to bathe like this Pine Siskin.
Also, the new family members find these to their liking.
The Crossbills need lots of water because of their main food source and these work just fine.