Plant Pot Nest Box.

For this project, we chose a 4inch square plant pot, about 6 inches high. Round ones can be used as indeed terra-cotta pots can be.
We have shown the bottom of this particular pot as it has recessed grooves with drainage holes in.
When the board for hanging the nest box is attached to the bottom of the pot, the recessed holes will allow a little ventilation. Holes are drilled through the bottom of the pot to attach it to the back hanging board.
This picure shows the recessed groove opening.
The front of the box is a piece of board cut to fit the opening. This will be approximately 4" x 4". If the planter has slightly rounded corners on the inside of the top, just trim a little off the corners as shown. Drill a 1 and 1/2 inch hole half an inch from the top.
With the front piece in place, drill a small hole through the planter, about 3/4 inch from the bottom and in a position to drill into the wood. Just go into the wood slightly, just so a nail will go in the right place. Do this to the opposite side also. Don't drive the nails in tightly, just leave the head of the nail close to the planter.
With the two nails loosely in place, the front can be opened for cleaning each year.
Drill a small hole on one side, through the planter and into the wood. Screw a small screw into the wood to hold the front closed. This can easily be removed for cleaning.,
You can add additional pieces of material if desired. Small branches can be attached to the sides from inside the planter. A perch may encourage sparrows which are not usually wanted. Hang it through the back board to a post or a tree. If it can be hung among shrubs, they would help to give the birds a little more security.