An Easy Platform Nest box for Robins.

Building a platform nesting box for Robins.
Three pieces of 8" fencing board are used for the top, bottom and the back. The top and back are cut at 9 1/2" and the bottom at 7". A few 1 1/2" screws are used for assembling.
For the sides and the front, two more pieces are required. An 8 3/4" piece and one at 2 1/2". The 8 3/4" piece for the sides, is cut down the center.
These two side pieces are then cut at an angle, 8 3/4" down to 8 1/4 ", giving a 1/2inch slope for the roof.
The back can be screwed to the bottom with two 1 1/2" screws countersunk.
The front piece can also be screwed on with 1 1/2" screws.
The angled sides can be fastened to the back. Screwed in with two 1 1/2" screws through the back. Another screw can be screwed in to the sides from the underside of the base.

The top can be screwed on to the sides. Make sure that the top is flush with the back. Two screws in the back and one in each side should secure the roof in place.

If it is to be fastened to a structure or a tree, drill two small holes in the back for some screws.
The finished unit should look like this. It can be stained and spruced up a little by attaching pieces of twigs or driftwood etc.