Saving the Berries for Winter.

When autumn arrives the birds become busy in the trees eating the fruits. Now is the time to collect some berries to serve in the winter months.
Cut off all of the leaves but leave a length of the stem to hang them up by.
They should look like this, just a stem and a bunch of berries attached.
This picture show a batch ready for storage in the freezer.
Use two bags for each batch, double bagging them.
When winter arrives and the berries on the trees and bushes are all gone, you can hang them up in convenient places where you can observe the birds that arrive.
You may see some birds this way that otherwise you would miss. Here we have a Hermit Thrush testing this new found treat.
Naturally, the usual birds like the Robins come for their share.
You may wish to make one of the feeders that we have posted in the restaurant section. You can see this feeder that this hermit thrush is using here.
The birds like this towhee will find this is a great help to get them through the winter. You will have added pleasures to your winter too.