Handy Pocket Reflector

Very little in the way of materials is required for this pocket reflector. We used a card 9 inches by 4 inches and one piece 1/4 inch smaller in length and width. The other requirement is a piece of silver foil, an inch ot two bigger than the card.
The foil should be crunched up and then opened out again. The card could be larger than the one we used. This can be to your own requirements. Score the card in the centre, a pair of scissors works well. Fold the foil over the card, fold the corners in slightly as shown above.
Folding in the corners prevents the foil from causing a problem along the long sides.
Tape the foil down onto the card and using the score mark, fold the card.
The second card can be glued to cover the foil edges.
The card can fit into the pocket or carried in your bag of tricks.
Here we have some fir cone fungus, probably pleasing enough but a little bit of light on the cone would improve it.
This shows the reflector in place and also shows how the light on the cone has improved.
Take the photograph and see the result.
This liverwort, again is acceptable, but for our demonstration we used the reflector again.
The bottom edge of the photo has now come to life.