Here is a handy bird table that keeps the seed from being covered in water when it rains. Simple to make with a few nails, four pieces of 1" x 2" cedar cut to the size of table that you want, and four pices of 1" x 3" for the legs cut to the height that you want. The only other material required is a piece of screen netting. Although we fancied ours up a bit.
For our table, we cut the 2 x 1 pieces to 18 inches. Start by nailing one length onto another, the thickness of the 3 x 1 in from the end of the wood. Nail the other end the same way and also the opposite end. The last picture will give you an idea of how it would look at this stage.
When the four corners are nailed together, the netting can be atached. Cut it to fit the frame and nail or staple it on. Excess netting can be trimmed.
We added small lathes over the netting and also added a small piece from one side to the other. This helps to stop any sagging that may result.
The legs can be nailed on. Nails from the extended sides into the leg and from the inside of the frame. For a stronger hold a couple of screws or a bolt can be used.
When the four legs have been attched, you will have a table looking something like this. It can be stained if you wish. We added four little studs to the bottom of the legs just to keep them out of the rain. The netting lets the rain through and can be easilly washed down.