Suet Feeder Tips.

This suet feeder was made for woodpeckers, the long tail board to help these larger birds use their tails as a support.
Not a long tailed woodpecker, but all are welcome. Here are a few tips on making this feeder.
First tip is to remove the door. Just open the wire that forms the hinge. The door can always be put back on if needed.
To hold the sides together, the cage has to be fastened to the uprights. A small screw with a washer will do this job, one at each side.
It is also a good idea to put one in the bottom of the cage to prevent swivelling.
Drill a hole through the roof piece on the outside of the uprights. We used drapery cord so a hole has to allow this to go through..
A good solid screw is used on the outside of the uprights for hanging. Wrap the cord around the screw with a washer attached and tighten.
This allows the roof to be lifted for filling the cage.
A bolt can be used if it works better. Drill a hole large enough for the bolt to go through just below one of the ribs of the cage. With a washer on each side, one will hold the cage and the other the cord, or whatever material you use for hanging.