Double Loading Nesting Material Holder.

This double nesting material holder requires very few materials.
Perches can be added and the driftwood roof is optional.
Approximately 16 inches of 1" x 4" is required for the holder. One piece cut at 7" and two cut the width of the board. Do not cut this yet however. We use the length of wood to help to bend the wire. A piece of 1" square wire netting, 8" x 18" completes the materials, except for four nails and four wire staples. Additional material can be added, these are explained later.
Start bending the wire, 1 3/4" from the end,. A vice makes this easy but if one is not available use the method shown below for this bend also.
For the next bend, lay the wire on a bench and place the wood on it, tight up to the bent wire. Clamp the board down as shown.
Pull the netting up tight to the wood. Use a hammer to make a sharp bend.
Continue this way for the 3rd and 4th bend, pulling it up and tapping it with a hammer against the wood.
Just tap the bend along the length of the netting each time to make a sharp corner.
Cut the wood now, one piece 7" and two the width of the board. Mark the centre and nail a square piece to each end of the 7" upright piece.
Slip the unit inside the wire. Make sure it is the right way round, the starting bend is half way over the upright with room for the opposite end to be fastened there also.
Position the netting equally over each end. Fasten the first bend to the top and bottom squares with a staple. Check that the other end of the netting reaches the centre upright where the netting starts. The excess netting can be trimmed off.
This view shows the starting point and the end with the staples knocked in. Staples can be used on the opposite side if desired.
Some additional materials if desired include perches and a roof. Perches can be added to aid some of the birds to reach the material. Twigs can be wired on for a different look.
A small twig at each side is sufficient.
A small roof covering will help to keep the contents dry. Secure it to the unit with two screws. An angle bracket can be screwed onto the roof for hanging.
The nesting material can be pushed through the netting. Dogs hair from grooming, human hair, moss and lichens, can all be pushed in.

The unit can be secured to a tree branch or a railing by the bracket.