Two Halves Suet Cake Holder.

One way to satisfy more than one bird at a time on your suet feeder, is to use two halves of the suet block in two holders.
Here is a simple feeder to accommodate that.

A piece of 6 inch board, 12 inches long, and a short piece of 1" x 2" will get you started. Four 2 inch screws will be used for assembling these parts. Five wire staples will be used to attach the netting.

A piece of 1" mesh netting that can be purchased at most feed merchants will be used for the suet block holders.
Cut a strip of the wire 3 1/2 inches wide and approximately 20 inches long.
Cut two pieces of 1 x 2 the width of the 6" board, usually about 5 5/8". Drill two holes in each piece, one 3/4" from the end and one 1 inch from the end. Avoiding drilling them in the same position will ensure that they do not meet in the upright board. Countersink these holes if possible.
Attach these pieces to the board, 6 inches from the top using the screws. Screw the second piece on the other side in the same position. This can be stained or painted in the color that you prefer. We stained our unit green.
Start bending the netting, a bench vice is useful for this. Bend over 2 inches, the second bend is the width of the board, 5 5/8", inside the wire.
The third bend is approximately 4", the overall width of the 1 x 2s and the centre board. The final bend is the width of the board again. Any left over netting, when the two ends meet in the centre of the board, can be cut off.
Slide the netting over the top of the unit, wrapping it around the two side pieces. Staple the netting to the centre of the board and flush with the bottom of the 1 x2. The lower length of the board will aid woodpeckers to balance.
Secure the next section along the front, keeping it straight. Continue to the next part and then back to the starting point. Cut off any extra netting and staple the last piece.
There are various materials that can be cut for the roof. A piece of 6" board cut 7 " long can be screwed onto the top of the unit.
After staining or painting, a hanger can be attached. A piece of cord about 24 inches long for hanging works well. Tie a knot in each end of the cord. Secure the cord by screwing a 3/4" screw through the knot at each end of the top board, in the middle and an inch from the end
Driftwood or a piece of bark are alternative materials that can be used. Stain or paint the roof to match the unit if a board is used. Other materials can be left natural looking. The bark on this picture goes in the opposite direction so as to accommodate the curve of the bark.
Another way to hang the unit is with a hook at each end and in the centre. A two foot cord can be fastened to each hook.
With this completed it is ready to load. Cut a suet block in half and put one in each side.
Hang it up for the birds and it is ready to see a little action.