Easy Loading Suet Cake Holder.

Here is another easy feeding holder for the birds that can hang upside down. Approximately 24 inches of 1" x 2" is required for the holder and a small piece of wire netting.
Two pieces of 1" x 2" timber cut to 6 1/2 inches and two pieces cut to 5" are the four sides. A small piece of wire netting 6" square for the bottom can be bought at feed merchants. Chicken wire can be substituted for this.
Drill a 1/8" hole at each end, in the centre and and about 3/8" from the end. Countersink the holes as shown if possible.
Drill a pilot hole through these countersunk holes into the side pieces.
As each pilot hole is drilled, screw in a 1 1/2" screw. Secure all four corners in this way.
A 6 inch square piece of wire netting is used for the base, other netting can be substituted for this.
Wire netting staples are used to secure the netting to the frame. If not available, 1" finishing nails can be nailed 3/4 of the way in and bent over the wire to resemble staples.
A 3/4 inch screw is screwed in about half way. This is positioned in the centre and half way up the two ends. These are for the hanging cord. Other materials can be used for this, whatever you have available.
Cut a length of cord to suit your hanging height. We cut our piece 24 inches long. Make a knot around one screw and screw it in all the way. Make sure that the cord is held up from the base to pass through the roof.
Feed the cord though the underside of the roof section and back through the opposite hole. Secure this end of the cord in the same manner as the other end.
Stain or paint the wood in the color of your choice. There is no need to stain the inside. With the wood that we used for the roof, we preferred not to stain it.

Lift up the roof and slip in a suet block. To help keep the feeder on an even keel, wrap the cord around what you will be hanging the feeder on. Just sit back and wait for all those lucky birds to arrive. Happy Birding.