Upside Down Suet Cake Holder.

An easy feeding cage for woodpeckers, and thee other birds that can hang on upside down can be made from scrap pieces of wood left over from other projects. For the base you will require a small piece of wire netting 6 1/2 inches square. This can be purchased at most feed merchants.
Two small pieces of fencing board are used for the back and front. A paper pattern can be used to mark these pieces. Measure the width to 6 1/2" and measure up each side 1 1'2". In the centre, measure up 3" and draw a line from the side mark to this point. Cut out this pattern and draw round it onto both pieces as shown.
Cut both pieces out and they should look like this.
For the basic unit, two other pieces of wood are required for the sides, 5 inches long by 1 1/2 inches.
Drill 2 holes through the back and front, one at each end, if possible countersink the holes as shown. These holes are for the screws to secure them to the sides.
The front and back pieces are then scewed into the sides with 1 and 1/2" screws. Drill a pilot hole through each hole into the side section and screw in the screw.
The roof can be made with two pieces of wood 7 " x 4". Fence boarding can be use or old 1/2" plywood.
Secure one roof section with 2 nails into each end. Make sure that it is flush with the peak and hangs over a little at each end.
The wire netting can be stapled to the base. If staples are not available, small nails driven in 3/4 of the way and then bent over will hold this in place.
The other side roof section can be hinged on to the other. Two small hinges can be used if available. We used an old leather belt which had holes in it the full length.
We tested the opening then added a third screw on each side of the hinge.
In the center of each end we put in a small screw for hanging it up. We used a strong cord about 24 inches long. Then we made a knot in each end and drove the screw through the knot.
The screw tightened around the knot securing it. Other materials can be used for this, whatever you have available.
Lift up the roof and slip in a suet block. To help keep the feeder on an even keel, wrap the cord around what you will be hanging the feeder on.
It can be stained to protect the wood from severe weather like freezing rain. Then its just a case of,

Just sitting back and wait for all those lucky birds to arrive. Happy Birding.